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HM-D Small current range / PCB-mounting type

CERoHS compliant







  • Rated current: 100A–200A
  • Optimum for high precision current detection application for power conditioning systems etc.
  • Small offset drift
  • Excellent output linearity
  • Fast response speed


Power conditioning systems, Inverters, Servo drivers, Battery chargers


Output type Current output type
Type HM-D100A003125B15 HM-D200A00625B15
Rated current [If] ±100A ±200A
Continuously flowing DC current ±100A ±200A (RL=30Ω)
Saturation current [Is] ±220A ±320A
Linearity limits 0~±200A 0~±300A
Rated output [Ih] +If I0+31.25mA±0.5% I0+62.5mA±0.5%
Rated output [Ih] -If I0-31.25mA±0.5% I0-62.5mA±0.5%
Residual output [I0] Within ±0.01mA
Load resistance range [RL] 10~70Ω 10~30Ω
Output linearity Within ±0.1%
Second coil resistance Approx. 100Ω
Response time Within 1μs (at di/dt=100A/μs)
Response performance Within 10%
Hysteresis voltage range Within 0.05mA
Output Temp. Coef. Within ±0.003%/℃
Residual output Temp. Coef. Within ±1μA/℃
Control power supply ±15V±5%
Consumption current 35mA+(Input current/3200)
Operating Temp. -40℃~+80℃
Storage Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Dielectric withstand voltage 3500V AC 50/60Hz 1minute
Insulation resistance Not less than 500MΩ 500V DC

Note1)The indicated residual voltage is the one after the core hysteresis is removed.

Note2)Energization time of continuous live DC current x150% shall be within 1 minute.