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HC-PGD Medium current range / PCB-mounting type

CERoHS compliant





Characteristics charts


  • Rated current: 50A–400A
  • Superior noise-resistance
  • Smaller and lighter in weight than conventional products (HC-PG)
  • Well isolated for European Standards


Inverters, Servo drivers, Power supply equipment, Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Welders

Electrical characteristics Ta=25℃

Type HC-PGD050V4B15 HC-PGD100V4B15 HC-PGD200V4B15 HC-PGD300V4B15 HC-PGD400V4B15
Rated current [If] ±50A ±100A ±200A ±300A ±400A
Saturation current [Is] ±150A ±300A ±600A ±900A
Linearity limits 0~±150A 0~±300A 0~±500A 0~±700A 0~±800A
Rated output [Vh] RL=10kΩ V0±4V±1%
Residual output [V0] Within ±50mV Within ±30mV
Output linearity Within ±1%
Response time Within 5μs (The smaller one on either at di/dt = 100A/μs or If/μs.)
Response performance Within 10%
Hysteresis voltage range Within 30mV
Output Temp. Coef. Within ±0.1%/℃
Residual output Temp. Coef. Within ±2mV/℃ Within ±1mV/℃
Control power supply ±15V±5%
Consumption current Within 20mA
Operating Temp. -25℃~+85℃
Storage Temp. -25℃~+85℃
Dielectric withstand voltage 4000V AC 50/60Hz 1minute
Insulation resistance Not less than 500MΩ 500V DC
The indicated residual voltage is the one after the core hysteresis is removed.