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HC-AK Medium current range / Bolt on type

RoHS compliant







  • Rated current: 200A–500A
  • Small and thin design
  • Bolt-on fixing, Wire harness connection
  • 5V single power supply ratio metric specifica-
  • Attached to chassis, cable output specifications


xEV inverters (HEV, EV, PHEV, etc)


Type HC-AK200V2PP5-1 HC-AK300V2PP5-1 HC-AK400V2PP5-1 HC-AK500V2PP5-1
Rated current [If] ±200A ±300A ±400A ±500A
Saturation current [Is] ±220A ±330A ±440A ±550A
Linearity limits 0~±200A 0~±300A 0~±400A 0~±500A
Rated output [Vh] I=+If Within V0+2V×(Vcc/5)±1.5% (RL=10kΩ)
Rated output [Vh] I=-If Within V0-2V×(Vcc/5)±1.5% (RL=10kΩ)
Residual output [V0] Within Vcc/2±30mV
Output linearity Within ±1%
Response time Within 10μs (at di/dt=100A/μs)
Response performance Within 10%
Hysteresis voltage range Within 30mV Within 22mV Within 16mV Within 13mV
Output Temp. Coef. Within ±0.04%/℃
Residual output Temp. Coef. Within ±2mV/℃ Within ±1.7mV/℃ Within ±1.3mV/℃ Within ±0.9mV/℃
Control power supply [Vcc] +5V±4%
Power variation characteristics change [+5V±4%] I=±If 3.5~4.5%
Power variation characteristics change [+5V±4%] I=0 3~5% 3.1~4.9% 3.2~4.8% 3.3~4.7%
Consumption current Within 30mA
Operating Temp. -40℃~+105℃
Storage Temp. -40℃~+105℃
Dielectric withstand voltage 2500V AC 50/60Hz 1minute
Insulation resistance Not less than 500MΩ 500V DC

Note1)The indicated residual voltage is the one after the core hysteresis is removed.

Note2)Output specifications include 100-Ω output resistance and 1-mA maximum output current.

Note3)Since residual output is ratiometric output, it varies according to the control power supply value.

Note4)Code at the end of the model name represents harness specifications.